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Wed. May 25, 2016 - Races 3 & 4 (Spring Series)

Jeepers takes advantage of the best evening of the year with two wins. First course a W2, then a W4 when the wind held.

See Race Results for finishes.

Wed. May 18, 2016 - Races 1 & 2 (Spring Series Begins)

First night of the 2016 season was a little cool, but with fairly steady wind under 10. RC set two courses to the south. First a W2, then a W4.

Skippers Meeting - Thurs., April 28, 2016 - 7 PM

Sun. October 4, 2015 - (Fall Series Ends)

Just a little too much wind to race.

Sun. September 27, 2015 - Race 7, 8, & 9 (Fall Series)

   Three races held in shifty and gusty breeze mostly from the east. Highest breeze seemed to be in the first race, gusts over 15 knots. Well done to Surcease II with three wins. Thanks to PRO Eben Hansmire.

Sun. September 20, 2015 - Race 4, 5, & 6 (Fall Series)

   Day 2 was sailed in a breezy northerly with the first two races sailed under jib. Heat Wave made the most of the shifty conditions to take all three races!.

Sun. September 13, 2015 - Race 1, 2, & 3 (Fall Series Begins)

   Very shifty wind from south west. RC had to set course twice. Three postponements. Managed to start and finish 3 races, W4. Panic Attack had an impressive finish in the first race and a close second in the second race. But the day belonged to Force G4 with two bullets and a second.

Wed. September 2, 2015 - Race 17 (Summer Series Ends)

   This was the last Wednesday night of the 2015 season, and what a beautiful night for sailing it was. In a steady 12 kt southerly breeze, we set a course of W6. 10 seconds before the start, it was looking to be a general recall for sure, with Blondie and Trinity well over the line and most of the rest of the fleet pushing hard. Amazingly, everybody managed to duck back below the line just in time, except for Jeepers who was bow out by a hair at the gun.
   Jeepers made a good recovery in the first two legs and was back in the hunt at the first leeward mark. Force G4 had an excellent first leg, and was in second place until Trinity caught them at the mark at the end of leg two. Trinity was seen flying a protest flag, but apparently an on-the-water penalty was taken so no hearing was needed.
   The biggest challenge of the night for the RC was dead-reckoning back to the windward mark they had dropped and finding it in the dark.

See Race Results for finishes and link to Summer Series standings.

Wed. August 26, 2015 - Race 16 (Summer Series)

Interesting wind shift right before the start made for a drag race on port to the windward starboard tack mark lay line and some great close racing.  One night to go.

Wed. August 19, 2015 - Races 14 & 15 (Summer Series)

   First race was W4 heading south out of the Bay. The downwind battle between Blondie and Heat Wave was almost too close to call with Blondie's spinnaker edging forward just enough for the win. Trinity was only a half step behind them for third place.
   The second race started just at the sunset timelimit and was a shorter W2. Surcease won to strengthen their hold on first place overall for the series.

Wed. August 12, 2015 - Races 12 & 13 (Summer Series)

   Another night of WNW breeze much more than predicted, 12-15 instead of the forecast 5-10. Your committee would like to apologize for the postponement mid-sequence in Race 1, caused by her finger accidentally hitting the stop button on the timer - I'll be looking for a replacement (timer, not finger).
   Things got crazy for the start of race 2, with 2 general recalls before the "I" flag went up. Both races W4.
   Surcease took the night with two bullets, with 2nd (Heat Wave , Force G4) and 3rd (Jeepers, Trinity) places going to 4 different boats.

Wed. August 5, 2015 - Races 10 & 11 (Summer Series)

   A brisk N-NW breeze settled into a quite pleasant 10-12 kts from the NW, and RC set a course for W4 for Race 1 at 7:15 pm. Trinity launched into a quick lead with Jeepers and CO Jones following into the leeward mark rounding. Trinity furthered their lead to win Race 1 with CO Jones taking 2nd and Jeepers finishing in 3rd place.
   RC managed to get Race 2 off before sunset, setting a course for W2 and like deja vu Trinity took a quick lead finishing in 1st place for the 2nd bullet of the night, with CO Jones in 2nd and Jeepers finishing in 3rd.
   RC apologizes for the late start, sometimes pesky things like work get in the way of sailing!

Wed. July 29, 2015 - Races 8 & 9 (Summer Series)

Surcease won both races, again! First race was course R4. Second race was course R2 in much lighter wind.

Wed. July 22, 2015 - Races 6 & 7 (Summer Series)

Surcease won both races, followed by Force G4 and Trouble in the first race, and Blondie and Trinity in the second.

Wed. July 15, 2015 - Races 4 & 5 (Summer Series)

  Great night of racing! Courses were W4 for both races.  Everyone except one team sailed with blade jibs.  First race was pretty breeze on and then the conditions changed a bit for the second race.  Seemed like the first race was all about crisp boat handling and keeping the boat moving, with Jeepers first across the finish line.
   The second race was very shifty with up and down pressure. Surcease held off Force G4 for the win. If you were able to link the puffs both on the beat and run you were able to make huge gains by not only staying in the most pressure but also sailing the lifted tack and less distance.  The current seemed like it was still ebbing out of the bay and was a factor about halfway up the beat making tacks deadly but just starting to flood down by the starting line flowing right to left. -RC Michael Collins/C.O. Jones

Wed. July 8, 2015 - Races 3 (Summer Series)

   RC went out early at 6.00 PM anticipating a questionable weather pattern. Breeze was very light from the South but steady at pre-start time. There was some shifting going on 10 to 20 degrees South to South West so W and R mark courses were set up for options. RC went with W - 4 and got a timely start off.
   It was great to see 10 boats get off a clean start and head to W. The early competition after the start was very good. Unfortunately by the time the fleet got 75% up Leg 1 the wind already starting shifting at RC location to the East about 80 degrees but the Easterly shift hit the RC boat way before the racing fleet. All boats had a pretty good battle up wind so instead of abandoning the race, RC chose to fly the S flag and shorten the W-4 to W-2.
   After Race 1 was completed, RC moved over towards the pin to consider a Race 2 to the East. Unfortunately there was no wind in our bay and no wind looking East past City Island down LIS so the evening races were abandoned.   RC - Robin's Nest - Robin C. Ricca. Thank You very much to Ellen Murphy and Kevin McGowan (of Atlanta, GA) for there RC support.

Wed. July 1, 2015 - Races 1 & 2 (Summer Series Begins)

   RC Trouble set a nice W4 course across the bay to the WNW for both races. With the wind up the small jibs ruled the evening.
   Congratulations to Surcease for winning both races. Heat Wave was second and C.O. Jones third in the first race. Force G4 was able to stay ahead of C.O. Jones for second place in the second race.

Wed. June 24, 2015 - Races 13 & 14 (Spring Series Ends)

   The evening was a challenging one for the RC. We had hoped to unveil the "Z" mark, but when first setting the course the breeze was oscillating 20 degrees with a mean of 360 so we had to set "W". We set the mark and by the time we got to the approximate starting line location the breeze had gone left 5 degrees. We reset the mark and then set the line with a mean of 350 degrees.
   At the start of the first race the breeze shifted left another 5 degrees and was averaging about 16K. By the finish of race 1 the breeze had gone another 10 degrees left and was dropping. We reset the line and started the second race in 8K of breeze. Oscillations and the persistent shift diminished a bit with the breeze.
   Race 1 was W6 and race 2 was W4. There were many exciting lead changes as boats saw or got caught in the shifts and experienced minor mishaps on the course. Surcease and Trinity carried the evening.
   The RC thanks all our competitors for your patience during our travails. Thank You to PC Bruce Lages for generously allowing us to use North Star as committee boat.  -Alan Rosenbloom/Heat Wave

See Race Results for finishes and link to Spring Series standings.

Wed. June 17, 2015 - Races 11 & 12 (Spring Series)

   The Fleet had breeze under 10 knots for the evening from the South for both races. There were 15 degree wind shifts every couple minutes to the right. It was one of the longer evenings to race for light and the committee was able to start on time and get two four leg races in. Surcease, Blondie, and Panic Attack all scored top three in both races with Surcease winning the first and Panic Attack winning the second.
   There was a General Recall for start 1 and then committee got the next race 1 start off quickly so as to get two races in for the night. Race 2 had a little less wind. The fleet started all clear but split early with half left and half right. There was a protest which was resolved through Arbitration with Trinity accepting a 3 point penalty on their score. The last two legs of Race 2 were a bit slower as the wind again lightened up.
   Committee: Robin C Ricca for Force G4.

Wed. June 10, 2015 - Races 9 & 10 (Spring Series)

Trinity and Surcease split the two races, each getting a 1st and 2nd, with Blondie rounding out the top three in both races.

Wed. June 3, 2015 - Races 7 & 8 (Spring Series)

Eight boats came out on a slightly chilly evening with winds in the 10 to 12 knot range from the south. Two races held with R4 course. Surcease takes the win in both.

Wed. May 27, 2015 - Races 5 & 6 (Spring Series)

Interesting weather night , over 20 knots as we set out from moorings, large wind shifts as front moved through before 1st race requiring a short postponement and we ended the 2nd race on a shortened course in very little wind.  Thanks to Paul Beaudin for stepping in to do race committee from Lou Lou on his mooring. Courses were C4, with 2nd race shorted to C2.

Wed. May 20, 2015 - Races 3 & 4 (Spring Series)

The second night of the season was slightly less cool, slightly less windy, and slightly less gusty as the first night of races. Good and gusty NW breeze at 13mph. The RC set two W4 courses. With 7 boats on the line, the first start saw three boats approach the start line aggressively. Two were called OCS. The second start was picture perfect, with all boats on the line as the gun went off. The second race was a photo finish between Trinity and the top boat on the night. Congratulations to Heat Waves for owning the night with two bullets.

Wed. May 13, 2015 - Races 1 & 2 (Spring Series Begins)

First night of the 2015 season was cool,windy, and gusty. RC set two W4 courses to the NE, with Blondie and Trinity each winning a race.


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